What is the I Made My Bed Today Project?

A few days ago a group of my friends went down a long winded rabbit hole over whether or not we make our beds or not. We’re all grown adults and *should* make our beds.. .but not all of us do and who doesn’t was a big surprise to me. You think you know your friends… until you don’t. 🙂 At some point 365 Day Projects were discussed as well. So… I decided to put the two together and started the I Made My Bed Today project. I’m not intending it to be a 365 Project, just a project to do for fun until it’s not fun anymore. It might go a week, it might go a decade. But I do want to see how many ways I can shoot something as simple as a made bed.

Which means I have to make my bed everyday.

I Made My Bed Today Day 6

Day 6 -- Archie enjoys the view as much as I do!  I wish the power lines weren't there, Archie like watching the squirrels run up and down the line.

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I Made My Bed Today Day 5

Day 5 -- Hey Archie stayed out of the photo this time!  This morning was so beautiful - after snowing yesterday afternoon and evening the skies cleared and I woke up to the sun lighting up all the fresh snow. So I got out of bed (and made it!) bundled up...

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Day 2

Day 2 -- Archie is "helping" once again. This time he's making an excellent furry frame.

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Day 1

Day 1 -- Archie does not approve. He likes to burrow under the blankets.

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