Sierra Nevada Mountains.

The Sierra Nevada have always been home to my favorite places.  It’s such a diverse range, the southern tip is far different than the northern end, and the central Sierras. Traveling from West to East it ranges from the grasslands of the lower elevations to the alpine zones of the high Sierras. The mountains are home to some 400 species of animals that live only here.

We have the most massive trees – the Sequoias. If you have never visited a grove, add it to your bucket list. They are humbling.

We have volcanoes, earthquake faults you can stroll through, we have some of the hardest granites on the planet.

Home to gold mines, silver mines, miners came here in droves in the 1850s to find their fortune. Mostly it was the suppliers and bartenders that got rich. Several of those companies, such as Levis and Ghiradelli are still around. Today water is the new gold. Much of California’s water supply comes from the winter snowfall in the Sierra Nevada.

Please enjoy my photography.