A Real Simple Photography Blog

I’ve changed the design of this site many many times. So often, I stopped posting here because I kept wanting to “finish” it first. Screw that. This site is for my personal photography, and an occasional random thought – a real simple photography blog. I do on occasion sell and license prints, if you’re interested please contact me. But for the most part, this site is just for fun. Please enjoy 🙂

Backyard Bird Count

Do you track your backyard bird visitors?  It's a lot of fun, especially if you live somewhere with a variety of visitors. But even urban areas can have an interesting assortment of birds. Having feeders and water available will help...

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Inquisitive Deer

Do you ever feel like you are being watched as you work?  I looked up and this young lady was looking back at me. I'm not sure if she's the same one pictured here, they both have dark spots on the left ear. It's bigger here, I don't know if spots like that grow as the...

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Top 10 Most Influential Albums

*MY* Top 10 Most Influential Albums One of my friends - Alex Kunz - wrote about about his Top 10 Most Impactful Albums. Which inspired more friends - Tracy, and Jeff to do the same. Go check out their lists - some intersect in a few choices, some are bands I have...

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Fall 2018 #1 with a splash of Halloween

I'm not sure what Fall #2 will look like, but I know there will be more posts. I'm sure people in the upper midwest and northeast U.S. will be rolling their eyes at this, but I'm delighted with how much red this year's crop of Black Oaks (Quercus kelloggii) have....

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Mono Lake, California

Today I saw a post from a photographer I admire, Peter West Carey where he mentioned he had never been to Mono Lake. I was surprised, as he seems to be up and down the west coast often. And I'm just plain surprised when I hear that someone hasn't been to one of my...

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Social Media

How do you use Social Media? Most people don’t think about this much on a personal level. I am/was a huge fan of G+, and with the recent announcement that it’ll be retired next year I’ve seen a massive wave of posts about where to move to next. Many of these people...

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