I was looking for something on one of my backup drives and found a “2015 Favorites” folder. They seem to have held up to the test of time – at least in my little opinion. I do think “favorites” is different than “best”. Several I would include in my portfolio if I ever really find the time to do that, others I just love for the reminder of the place or feeling.

There are 20 in all, this is the first:


Blue oaks and rock wall in dense fog, Sierra Nevada Foothills, California

Fog, Oaks and Rock Wall

Why this is a favorite

I had been waiting and waiting for dense fog to photograph the oaks, orchards and other things. So of course California went through a prolonged drought. Even when it did rain it soaked in so quickly that it didn’t create enough humidity for the dense Tule fog. Finally it rained enough over a short enough period of time – and on a day when I could get out and photograph. I love how the fog absorbs the color and reduced everything to shapes. The trees became a series of sculptures.