While I have been happily busy with work and a few personal projects, I couldn’t let today go by with out mentioning AgDay.  I’m fortunate to live in the center of one of the most fertile areas of the world.  I’m grateful for the ranchers, farmers and related industries that provide us with such a rich and tasty assortment of food – really – everything from Almonds to zucchini is grown within a short radius of here. The farmer’s market’s here are amazing!

Randomly amusing fact – the county produced $3.6 million in manure last year.

Many folks (who of course do not live here) have criticized the amounts of water used.  I don’t understand the arrogance behind that statement.  Do you really think that your lawn and swimming pools are more important than one of the basic human necessities?  Do you really thing you’re more entitled to the water that’s pumped hundreds of miles to you than the folks who settled here years ago – many even before California was part of the United States? Jumps off soapbox 😉

Thank a farmer!

Seriously though.  If you had a good meal recently, thank a farmer.  If your tummy is full.  Thank a farmer. If you value long term thinking, talk to a farmer. If you value a daily connection with the Earth, the weather, sustainability, talk to a farmer.


 Apple Blossom for AgDay