Mount Williamson

I took this photo several years ago – almost to this day. It was one of those magic 30 minutes or so where the light was constantly changing as the sun went down and the clouds shifted. Which is what made it so hard to photograph. Being such an iconic location didn’t help either. I was racing around trying to find a composition I liked, wait for the right break in the light and keep my eye out for snakes, even though it was likely far too cold for them. The light kept bouncing between bright sunshine and deep dark gloom.

I sat on this set of images for a while, as I was never really happy with them. But I finally dusted them off, and played a little more. Sometimes that’s the best thing when editing photos. I’ve forgotten the details of how it looked at the moment, and instead focus on making an edit I like.

If you’re wondering which peak is Mount Williamson – it’s the one behind the clouds!

Mount Williamson, Manzanar, Elizabeth Hahn Photography, Black & White Photography, Mountains, Rocks, Dramatic Light