When I first went outside this morning I heard a noise that sounded like a clattering of sticks. Since it was very still and had snowed a few more inches in the night, I looked around for the source, thinking it was just a squirrel or something. Nope – it was two teenager mule deer play fighting. I don’t think they were serious, they were not using much force, plus would stop and munch on manzanita leaves together in between bouts. I often see these two together, and sometimes with other bucks – up to 7-9 of them at times.

Mule Deer, Buck, Winter, Snow, Sierra Nevada, Antler

The snow easily highlights all the critters that come through. The deer tracks are the most noticeable, as they all tend to follow the same couple of paths. But I have also spotted raccoon tracks, squirrel, numerous birds, and domestic dogs and cat. One neighborhood kitty was having an tough time bounding through the snow this morning. Half of the time he’d sink down about a half a foot, the other times not. He didn’t look happy until he got to the tracks in my driveway and could walk normally. 🙂

Mule Deer, Buck, Winter, Snow, Sierra Nevada, Antler, EMHahn Photography