Happy #CameraDay ! This is the oldest camera I own, and belonged to my grandmother. I love how it looks so complicated, but in reality it’s much simpler than modern cameras.  It may not have 203,234,904 focus points, but she created beautiful photographs with it.

I understand why people love steampunk… but I’d rather have something originally built this way – where each little part was thought out and crafted to last.

While I rarely read new manuals, I do love OLD ones. In the case of cameras, it illustrates how back in the day (the late 40s in this case) photography was still a very literal idea. While there were people doing amazing creative things in the darkroom, for the casual photographer they weren’t likely doing much (if anything). These cameras didn’t have the artistic modes, styles, and whatnot of modern cameras. Filters were something you screwed on the lens, not applied after the fact.

For those of you that also enjoy manuals – here’s a link to the one for this camera. Enjoy!