Isn’t every day Cow Appreciation Day? It’s not a secret that I love cows. There’s so much to love – they’re funny, curious, expressive, and let’s face it, they’re tasty. The even help reduce the severity of wildfires! They are magnificent!

I wanted to take today to add one of my favorite “photographs”. It’s actually just under 2500 photographs in one. I started with this photo and by using snippets of other photos of mine built up a collage. Many of my photographer friends are hidden in the meadow as are many of my favorite places. Yes there are many collage programs that will do this automatically, but that’s no fun, and they often look contrived because they change colors and tone to force photos to match. I only modified one here. I had to desaturate one photo of a friend because the background was just way too neon green and I didn’t have other photos that would fit in.

Nearly all the photos are from California, with a few from Nevada, Washington and Oregon. There’s a moose to represent my Canadian friends that’s likely from North Dakota or Minnesota.

Happy Cow Appreciation Day! If you see a cow stop and say hello! ♥ MOO! How are you going to celebrate?


Side by side comparison of the starting image and final result.