City Bokeh Street Photography

I don’t do much street photography.

At least not city street photography – my kind of street usually involves cows or horses along the side of the road.  Or both like the photo at right.  To be honest, I’m a bit allergic to cities! But I do get out to them once in a while.

Cattle Drive

I’m even less apt to take photos of people.  I get that technically they are in a public place, etc, but I’m personally not fond of photographing strangers – at least not where they are recognizable.  The image at top is borderline for me.  But the person saw me photographing them, and smiled afterwards when I showed them the shot on the back of my camera – so by the time I left they were no longer a stranger.

Before all the street photographers rise up against me, I don’t dislike the genre – I love the more creative forms of it in fact.  It’s just not something I enjoy doing myself.  So why did I post this?  Sometimes it’s good to stretch our comfort zone.  Try something we haven’t done before.  Listen to a perspective that differs from our own.  Put ourselves in someone else’s shoes for a while.

Go ahead – try it!  I double dog dare ya!


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